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Wedding videos in Hull.  We create wedding films and wedding videos in Hull and the East Yorkshire area.

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Wedding video and film,wedding videography in Hull and Yorkshire
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Why have your  wedding  filmed when you already have a photographer?


Videographers do not replace photographers however, when you engage your professional photographer, remember, they will only capture a single, silent, frozen moment in time.  

Beautiful though these images are, they are no replacement for the graceful movement of a wedding dress as it blows in a summer breeze or confetti tumbling through the air gliding over the bride and groom as they walk hand in hand past cheering guests.

Your wedding day, which has been carefully planned for, will have dozens of special moments many of which will pass by so quickly they will hardly be noticed.

Without a film you will never be able to relive your vows, hear exactly what was said, how it was said and how you looked at each other as you became husband and wife.

Why have a professional videographer?

In the past many couples have felt that a friend or family member can create a wedding film. Unless you know friends with broadcast quality  camera equipment, external microphones, remote audio capture equipment and professional editing suites you will be disappointed - and that’s before you factor in the skills of the videographer and the editing skills required to make the film.  

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